Rebekah District Deputy 2010-2011

          Waxahachie Rebekah Lodge #381   

Recommended District Deputy President of District Number 3

Current Treasurer of Rebekah Assembly of CA

Mary Lou Lang
11220 Monterey Court
Cupertino CA 95014
(408) 252-3954
email: marlang@msn.com

Member of Philotesian Rebekah Lodge #145 Cupertino, CA

Secretary of Rebekah Assembly

Margareut Oleson
PO Box 637
Gilroy, CA 95021-0637
(408) 842-2842

e-mail: rebekah@garlic.com

Florin Rebekah Lodge #20 - Sacramento, CA


The degree of Rebekah was accepted in 1851 as written by Schuyler Colfax. 

The degree was originally written for Brothers to confer on their wives and daughters and was considered an "Honorary Degree". The degree could only be conferred at a special meeting and Brothers could also receive the degree, much the same as today.

Later the Sisters were allowed to confer the degree on other Sisters, a ritual was adopted with the Sisters taking the parts. Rebekah Lodges were instituted and have continued to flourish.

This ritual has changed very little since 1851. It includes lessons from the biblical stories in the Old Testament of the women of the Bible.

We use emblems teaching lessons that are invaluable to be a Rebekah. The beehive, representing associated industry and the result of united effort. The moon and seven stars which teaches us the value of regularity in all our work. The dove, the beautiful emblem of peace. The white lily, a symbol of purity.

The Rebekah Degree

The Degree of Rebekah was founded in 1851. The real author and founder of the Rebekah Degree stands out so prominently and with such undying fame, that whenever the word "Rebekah" is mentioned to an Old Fellow, his mind at once associates with the word the name of our beloved brother Schuyler Colfax.

COLFAX, Schuyler, 1823-1885

Painting by Freeman Thorp, 1911, Collection of U.S. House of Representatives

COLFAX, Schuyler, a Representative from Indiana and a Vice President of the United States; born in New York City March 23, 1823; attended the common schools; in 1836 moved with his parents to New Carlisle, Ind.; appointed deputy auditor of Joseph County 1841; became a legislative correspondent for the Indiana State Journal; purchased an interest in the South Bend Free Press and changed its name in 1845 to the St. Joseph Valley Register, the Whig organ of northern Indiana; member of the State constitutional convention in 1850; elected as a Republican to the Thirty-fourth and to the six succeeding Congresses (March 4, 1855-March 3, 1869); was not a candidate for re-nomination in 1868, having become the Republican nominee for Vice President; Speaker of the House of Representatives (Thirty-eighth, Thirty-ninth, and Fortieth Congresses); elected Vice President of the United States on the Republican ticket headed by Gen. Ulysses Grant in 1868, was inaugurated March 4, 1869, and served until March 3, 1873; unsuccessful candidate for re-nomination in 1872, lecturer; died in Mankato, Blue Earth County, Minn., January 13, 1885; interment in City Cemetery, South Bend, Ind.


Smith, Willard Harvey. The Life and Times of Hon. Schuyler Colfax. Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Bureau, 1952.

Odd Fellowship became the 1st national fraternity to include both men and women when it adopted the beautiful Rebekah Degree on September 20, 1851. This degree is based on the teachings found in the Holy Bible, and was written by the Honorable Schuyler Colfax who was Vice President of the United States during the period 1868-1873.

ColfaxGrand Sire Robert Griffin appointed Colfax of Indiana, Martin of Mississippi and Steele of Tennessee to prepare a ritual pertaining to the Rebekah Degree and report at the next session. Selection of Schuyler Colfax as Chairman of this Committee proved to be a wise choice indeed. His adaptation to the work at hand was peculiarly fitting in every respect. He possessed a firm will to carry out his purposes and convictions when once established in his mind. He seemed to have been the one to launch forth on the sea of humanity the culmination of the hopes and desires to add the fairest pillar which adorns and supports the Temple of Odd Fellowship.



I believe in the Fatherhood of God, the Brotherhood of man, and the Sisterhood of woman.
I believe in the watch-words of our Order - Friendship, Love and Truth.
Friendship - is like a golden chain that ties our hearts together. Love - is one of our most precious gifts, the more you give, the more you receive. Truth - is the standard by which we value people. It is the foundation of our society.
I believe that my main concern should be my God, my family and my friends. Then I should reach out to my community and the World, for in God's eyes we are all brothers and sisters.

Want to Join?

Requirements for Membership

A man or woman of good character, who is loyal to his or her country and believes in a Supreme Being, the creator and preserver of the Universe, is eligible for membership. Odd Fellowship strictly forbids any interference with one's religious beliefs or political opinions. For the adult lodge to be 18 years old. Junior Lodges and Theta Rho clubs accept members 8 to 18 years old.
Lodges charge an initiation fee and annual dues. The amount of dues is set by each lodge.

How to Join

A candidate must be sponsored by a current member, so the first step towards joining is to find someone who is a current member.

  1. Ask people you know if they know anyone who is an Odd Fellow or a Rebekah.

  2. Check the CAIOOF.ORG web site for someone who lives in the area as you, and send a note introducing yourself and expressing interest in joining.

  3. Find the local lodge, drop in on the day of a meeting about 30 minutes before the scheduled time, and introduce yourself. Most lodges are eager to find new members and will be glad to meet you.
    1. Check the IOOF.org CAIOOF.org IOOFmembership.org   web sites.
    2. Check the local telephone directory for the local Odd Fellow Lodge.
    3. Keep your eyes open for a building labeled with IOOF or the three links emblem, especially in the oldest part of Downtown.
    4. Go to the Odd Fellows building and check for a sign listing the lodges that meet there.
  4. If you cannot find a current member among your acquaintances, or a local lodge, or anyone living close to you in the e-mail listing,
  5. You can write to or call the Rebekah Assembly Secretary of California and ask the Secretary for assistance.

Margareut Oleson
PO Box 637
Gilroy, CA 95021-0637
(408) 842-2842

e-mail: rebekah@garlic.com

After You Have Applied for Membership

When the lodge has received your application, they will appoint an interviewing committee of three members. These members will call on you, both to ask questions and to answer any questions you may have concerning the lodge. One purpose of the interviewing committee is to give a candidate at least three familiar faces in the lodge. At the next meeting, the interviewing committee will report back to the lodge. The lodge will ballot to accept you as a member. The lodge will then send you a letter announcing your election to membership and the date and time for initiation.

Every member gets to be initiated by the conferring of the very same beautiful Initiation Ceremony, that dates back to the time of the very first Rebekah Lodge. The conferring of the Rebekah Degree is both beautiful and instructive.

In other countries the Ceremony is divided into 4 parts or degrees. In the United Sates and Canada the Ceremony is always performed in the same manner and often times with the presentation of tableaux, robes, dramatic action and pantomime to illustrate the characters.

After you are initiated you may take part in the conferring of the Rebekah Degree to other new members.


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